Talking about Flavour School

Flavour School has featured numerous times in the press, on TV and on the radio.

A clever way to tempt fussy eaters, by Dr Clare Bailey in The Daily Mail, 2 June 2019

Back in Time for School Episode 8, BBC Two, March 2019

A senseless generation? BBC World Service The Food Chain, 21 February 2019

Can children learn to love real food? by Victoria Balfour, via The Sustainable Food Trust, 12 July 2018

Food is a great source of pleasure. Forget that, and we’re doomed to eat badly, by Bee Wilson in The Guardian, 14 October 2018 

BBC World Service Weekend Programme, 16 September 2018

The revolutionary new way for kids to eat their greens, by Bee Wilson, in the Sunday Times, 2 April 2017