Sensory food education for children

We help schools and nurseries to embed sensory food education, inspiring children to explore food with all their senses, as a foundation for healthier, happier relationships with food.


Our Mission

Flavour School is about exploring food and flavour through the senses. Our programme provides fun and simple ways to help children learn about the senses, taste and flavour, in order to give them more confidence, curiosity and willingness to try new foods - a fundamental building block for developing healthy attitudes to food and eating.

We provide teaching resources, ideas, advice and support to schools and nurseries, health professionals, and food education specialists, to embed sensory food education and the Flavour School programme into classrooms and other educational settings.

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The Flavour School programme is a series of lessons with simple, fun and low-cost activities and experiments that teach children about how the five senses affect their eating experiences, while building their vocabulary to help them express those experiences.

The method is both simple and flexible in terms of age-group, lesson schedule and class size. It is designed for teachers to implement themselves.

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